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“It takes a special kind of person with a truly sophisticated mind who is pleasured by the Feet”



You have now entered the world of a true Foot Fetish life style Mistress.

A unique Lady who loves to be pampered, Worshipped and served by those who enjoy submitting themselves to please Me.


Sadly, Fetishes are usually associated with negative perception and attitudes.

It is often the case that Foot Fetish adorers long to indulge in specialized fantasies, but are either too shy or are afraid of people's reactions.

Then there are those who may judge and fail to understand this unique way of thinking.


You are not alone!


Don’t ever be embarrassed about having a Foot Fetish with Me.

It is not strange, perverted or weird. More kinky, stimulating and extremely fashionably sexy!


My world is an exciting place where Foot Fetish admiration is fully embraced, explored and fulfilled in total confidence and total privacy.


An accepted place where you are able to surrender your longing, ceding sweet submission to a Lady who thrives in this very special way of thinking.


A safe place where you are able to relax, serve, submission is appreciated, loved and thoroughly enjoyed.

I fully understand that all Foot Worshippers have different tastes and so I provide a tailor made service to meet your individual needs.

A bespoke session to maximize our Foot Fetish fantasies so that we both get the most of the playtime we have together in an unrushed environment.  


Having a deep understanding of this Fetish makes Me very open-minded to any Fetish or kink.


I will allow you to enjoy your Foot Fetish with My dazzling super sexy Feet in a totally erotic manner.  

You will go weak at the sight of My breathtaking Feet with their high arches, wishing you could be sucking on My beautiful Toes.  

You will be teased with excitement when I dangle them over your face.


I thoroughly enjoy all activities of Foot Fetish/Foot Worship

This life style and the games/play have been developed with assumed consent,

Thus allowing 'us' the participants the beauty of genuine excitement and pleasure.



"After a couple of disappointing experiences with other Mistresses, I came across the Rent My Feet website and I decided to give it a go. We exchanged few messages as I explained to Her my desires and then we met.

Twinkle looks absolutely stunning top to toes, Her feet and legs are so hot you cannot stop kissing them. Twinkle is an absolute foot fetish passionate and she understands exactly what you like and how to please you. Her feet touch is simply amazing.

An absolute mind-blowing experience, she did bring my body and my mind to a complete new fantastic planet. Guys if you have a foot fetish you have to meet Twinkle....


"I've had a foot fetish since childhood, but have never really had a chance to explore it freely. During my recent visit to London I found the Rent My Feet website, and decided to give it a try. I was extremely nervous, and until the last minute I wasn't sure if I would go through with it. I'm very happy I did. Twinkle was extremely kind and understanding, and she let me take things at my own pace. I would've never imagined I could feel so comfortable about my foot fetish! At the end of the session I felt like a huge weight had come off my shoulders. I could also tell you that she's very good looking and has the most perfect feet I've ever seen, but that's not really the most important thing. The important thing is that she makes it very easy and enjoyable to enjoy her feet. The only thing I regret is that she couldn't stay longer!"


"An amazing experience. I was left speechless! Mistress reduced me to jelly with Her exquisite Feet. She knew how to control every feeling in my body. She is more than enough to make any man fall to his knees.  I was in absolute ecstasy. BEWARE! SHE IS PURE ADDICTION! Can't wait to see her again!"


"She has the sexiest feet I have ever seen!  Her presence, attitude and intelligence give Twinkle a great understanding about this fetish. The fact that she really makes you feel comfortable about fulfilling your fantasies, is what makes Twinkle different  and a session with her so deeply pleasurable"


"WOW! I am unable to get the experience out of my head. Not only is Twinkle a dazzling star of beauty, but she really does  have the Feet of a Goddess! The softest heels and toes with legs that felt so soft and smooth. I could not stop worshipping them they tasted so good!"


london foot fetish mistress RENT MY FEET about


"Seems I had to come to London to meet my perfect foot fetish match. Not only has Twinkle got the sexiest feet you can imagine, but she knows how to use them with her foot slave. She is a real foot queen who fulfilled each and every wish I had voiced. She is sensuous, determined and a very good laugh. Clearly the most exciting session I've had to date. To be repeated soon..."


'Being very shy about my foot fetish it's taken me a while to do something about it. I'm not into the bdsm scene and that always seems to be associated with foot fetish. So when I came across Miss Twinkles website I found it interesting that she also caters for the shy foot guy like me. I was worried that it might not end up being a nice experience but it ticked all my boxes!  From the moment we met till the moment I left the whole experience was mind blowing. Everything about her is true class and of course she has the most beautiful, soft perfect feet that just melted me.

But that's not all. Her Beauty and her talent for making people feel at ease is unique and now I'm addicted!

I'm sure you don't mind me telling you that your feet are so attractive but the whole package is amazing!

Miss Twinkle is most definitely one unique woman...... Very very sexy!"


"I remember the first moment I saw you and I thought to myself you were a lot sexier than I had expected. You were very tall, and in heels you towered over me. I remember that you were indeed very welcoming and friendly. This was very important to me. As you may remember, I was INCREDIBLY nervous, a little unsure about what to do and how to behave. You could not have been nicer and reassuring. I think I would have probably left after 30 mins if you had not been so reassuring.

As we talked I found your attitudes to be very sensible and thoughtful. The fact that you were so hygiene conscious was very very important to me.

I should also mention that I found immensely refreshing to have had a deep conversation about my Foot Fetish with you. Oddly, you are the only person I have confided that deeply with. I told you my most sacred and deepest experiences that I believed I'd never tell a soul. And I must say, I felt heartily confident that I could trust you. To be honest, it was great to actually talk to someone about my Foot Fetish and not be judged. In many ways, the session was very worthwhile for me just based on our conversation.

Then we come to your feet!

After, a while I braved my tongue to your feet. MAN! That was exhilarating! You were a feisty, very smart, and dangerously sexy Indian princess, and I was on my knees licking the soles of your feet. I was in an absolute state of emotional bliss. I was sooo weak at that point. Whilst I was cleaning your soles, I looked deep into your eyes and felt like this is why I was born; to serve the soles of an undeniably perfect woman. I licked up and down and I could even taste the residue of your sweat from earlier. Within a few moment, BOOM! I was gone."



"I saw Twinkle walking up the drive and the first thing I noticed was her height.  She is a tall lady.  She was wearing a black top with black trousers.  Very elegant.  It was then that I had my first glimpse of her and her gorgeously pedicured toes as she was wearing toe post sandals.  I knew then that  I was going to have a memorable evening.

After the initial greeting she asked to go, as the saying goes, and “changed.  Into something more comfortable” Whilst she was doing that I prepared our drinks and nibbles.  Then she came down the stairs.  I think my heart may have missed a beat when I saw that vision of beauty and, from my point of view, one of the loveliest pair of legs I had ever seen.  We sat on the sofa.  I embraced her legs and taking off her holdups, to expose her lovely feet and toes, was like unwrapping a wonderful present that I had been waiting for, for a long time.  Suffice it to say, I hardly stopped kissing her legs and feet for most of our time spent together.  The great thing about Twinkle is that she actually does like her feet being loved.

Apart from the fact that I had a great time kissing, nibbling and loving her feet and legs, Twinkle is a great person to talk to.  We did spend quite some time talking and I was thrilled that we shared a common interest in music, playing the piano and opera.  She intelligent, charming and I certainly hope to see her again".


"I had spent a few weeks in the UK and had a strong need for feet, then I contacted Lady Twinkle. From the first moment communication was flawless, clear and respectful.

Her website photos are beautiful, but she is much better in person! She is extremely sexy, kind and makes you feel comfortable. Her feet are simply a master piece, their shapes and curves are perfect, they are soft and she cares them like treasures. During the session, she reads your body and sometimes no words are necessary, just a look into the eye or a smile to reveal your desires.

I simply love self confident women, and Lady Twinkle absolutely knows her own skills and how to use them. She has long and elegant toes, and for those geek feet connoisseurs, she has the dexterity to drive your manhood to paradise".


"A year I had waited, thinking about her, fantasising about her until finally something gave me the strength to arrange to meet Miss Twinkle.  When we met, I knew immediately that I would not be able to resist her command.  She is an Indian Goddess, beautiful and graceful of form.  Her feet are divine perfection demanding exquisite worship.  She put me instantly at ease with her warmth, intelligence and charm and I longed for the moment when I would be on my knees before her completely and utterly subservient and eager to please her in whatever way she wished.  To finally be with a woman who understands and loves this was sheer joy!  The moments when she lay back and fully appreciated my adoration of her were thrilling and deeply fulfilling.  In the end, with devious skill she made me watch as she brought me to the edge and held me there, making me beg for release before I was finally allowed to come and enjoy the delicious shame of me, a humble slave,  making a big mess all over her feet and between her toes.  I am her slave, she is my Goddess and I need no other."


"really don't know how to start and where to begin. The session I had with You is leaving me speechless till this very day and moment. I cannot but endlessly thank You for giving me the opportunity to meeting You and serving at Your feet. I am not exaggerating, not even a tiny bit, when I say that after serving at Your feet I came out a different person.  I admit that it took me a while getting the courage to contact You, but my Goddess, I would have regretted it my entire life if I hadn’t done it.

I don’t really consider myself a shy person but I do keep my love for feet and being dominated/humiliated only to myself. It is a lifetime secret of mine really. It is very sad, but in the world we live in, it is horribly perceived if a person is known to like feet and/or being dominated or humiliated. People just don’t get it. And it gets even more complicated if such person has a lot of responsibilities to handle, a position to fill, and businesses to run.

Words can’t describe how happy I am to contact You Goddess, and how fortunate I felt when I got Your reply. Meeting You changed my life. You are very understanding and accommodating. You have one of the most gorgeous feet I have ever seen in my entire life. Your character is far beyond amazing. You made me feel comfortable about my desires. You knew exactly how to exploit my fantasies and delivered me the best session I have ever lived. Just You looking me in the eye made me feel utterly dominated and completely insignificant. I loved how You made me grovel at Your feet. How You made me bow and kneel before You. I adored how You made me lick clean your flip-flops. You had such an effect on me that I keep asking myself to this moment whether or not the session was actually real.

Being at Your feet worshipping You was one of the most thrilling, breath-taking, exhilarating, and exciting things I have ever done in my life.

Thank You for having given me the opportunity to serve You. Thank You for making me understand what it is and how it feels meeting a true Goddess. You are a divine Goddess to whom I shall always kneel and bow down before. You are truly unique and one of a kind. There are no words that can praise You high enough the way I’d praise You.

Meeting You was a true honour and serving You was a life changing event.

Thank You my Goddess."